I’m starting a rumor. Gavin Creel has a small penis.

June 23, 2009 at 2:19 am Leave a comment

Photo Credit: Walter McBride/Retna Ltd.

Upon perusing pictures from this weekend’s Broadway Bares, it seems Gavin Creel bared nothing at all.  The burlesque fundraiser for BC/EFA should be renamed Background Bares, as it’s only ensemble cast members who have the balls to strip down and…well, show us their balls.

Don’t misunderstand.  I’m cool, having not seen Sutton Foster’s titties.  But I have a boner to pick with Mr. Creel.

First Hair, and now this?!  Stop keeping your fucking clothes on!

I get why Claude doesn’t drop trou during “Where Do I Go.”  Contrary to the shit I talk, I believe there are no mistakes in theatre.  There’s reason behind every choice a character makes.  Unless it’s 2004 and you’re Scary Spice, playing Mimi in Rent and you demand to wear black pants instead of the original blue pair.  Then you’ve just got a fat ass.

Gavin, baby, you had me at “chim chim cher-oo.”  But I can’t help but wonder, why so shy?  Grower, not a show-er?

Feel free to disrobe and disprove my rumor at any time.

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